Welcome to the Rawlings Conservatory!

Opened in 1888, the historic H.P. Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens is one of Baltimore’s most important architectural treasures. Featuring five distinct greenhouses, one 1/2-acre garden with many flower beds, and a kaleidoscope of colors all year round.

An array of pink orchids in the Orchid Room
Crotons with shiny clustered leaves in greens, yellows, and oranges.
A fan of orange petals with bright blue stigmas in front of vibrant green leaves
Clusters of waxy purple blue flowers
Walkway in the Palm House with a canopy of palm fronds and tropical plants growing below the palm trees

Plant yourself here.

For more than 135 years, the Conservatory has stood as Baltimore’s botanical marvel—a living museum of plants.

It remains a space where everyone can find enjoyment, whether for learning, seeking respite, finding peace, drawing inspiration, or celebrating.

Preserving its accessibility to all is our shared commitment.

We have a few simple rules when visiting the Conservatory to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visits. We kindly ask that you leave plants in place for all to enjoy. Taking cuttings is not permitted. Please visit our gift shop to take home a piece of the Conservatory.

See our Garden Etiquette >

Walkway in the Palm House with a canopy of palm fronds and tropical plants growing below the palm trees
Bright room with lots of windows and warm yellow trim set for a seated dinner

The Conservatory is ideal for weddings, birthday parties, social functions, receptions, charity events, and company meetings—whether you need an indoor or outdoor setting for your event.

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Something's always in bloom!

Discover the dynamic beauty of the Conservatory throughout the year.

A variety of spring flowers, open pink and yellow tulips, grape, hyacinths, clusters of small white flowers


Experience the promise of spring at the Conservatory, where you’ll be surrounded by blooming flowers and lush gardens celebrating the season’s vitality. Join in on the fun at our Spring Display, a dazzling showcase of bulbs!

Bright orange Irises growing outside the Conservatory on a clear summer day


Get a dose of sunshine with a picnic in our gardens after a relaxing summer stroll through the greenhouses! It’s the perfect chance to bask in the sun and enjoy the abundant greenery and vibrant blooms of the Conservatory.

A young child running through the outdoor gardens surrounded by trees in fall colors


As autumn paints Druid Hill Park’s foliage in stunning reds and yellows, a visit to the Conservatory offers a wonderful opportunity to take in all the colors of nature. Inside you can still find a variety of flowering and fruiting plants.
A display of large red poinsettias and small white poinsettias around a vintage light post


In winter, the Conservatory becomes a warm sanctuary, offering a cozy escape from the cold. Delight in our enchanting Winter Poinsettia Display, where festive arrays of botanical beauty bring the season’s magic to life.

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Get Involved

As in the past, the future of the Rawlings Conservatory depends on its volunteers and donors. Both play a critical role in maintaining the Conservatory's mission to enrich the lives of all who visit - as a unique center where education, culture, and nature intertwine.
Here's how you can get involved.