Garden Etiquette

When visiting the Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens, there are simple rules of etiquette that guests should know and follow:

• Flowers, fruit and plants should be left for all to enjoy;

• Supervise children closely, especially near the tropical pool and fountains, and in the desert house;

• Please stay out of the planting beds and use the paths and walkways;

• Picnic facilities are available in the garden;

Thank you for respecting our rules of garden etiquette.


Individual photographers are welcome to take snapshots of the plants and gardens at the Conservatory. All group photography, photo shoots, and professional/commercial photography sessions require a photo permit.  This includes classes, clubs, fashion shoots, and engagement and family portraits. Fees may apply.

Please note: the policies were revised in 2016. If you are already familiar with our policies, please review the new documents for any changes.

Review the guidelines for all visitors, and policies for indoor/outdoor photography, or download a permit application here.