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Wander through our ever-changing Museum of Plants.

Discover the dynamic beauty of the Conservatory’s exhibits throughout the year. Witness the transformation of flowers and fruiting plants from week to week, with each visit promising new surprises in our lush gardens and greenhouses.


While the Conservatory is beautiful in every season, the  abundance of spring blooms is simply breathtaking. In addition to our Spring Display, the images below offer a mere glimpse of the multitude of blossoms awaiting your discovery.

Red blooms with petals that resemble crumpled paper.

Paper Flower


Purple veined white orchids

Moth Orchid

Tall skinny cacti covered in fuzzy grey hairs with thin red flowers

Silver Torch Cacti

Cleistocactus strausii


Summertime brings an array of cactus blossoms in the Desert House, blooming perennials in the Outdoor Garden, fruiting Pineapple in the Palm House, and so much more.

Curly petaled pink, white, and orange orchids

Trumpet Orchid

Myrmecophila tibinicis
A large cluster of purple petals with white tips

Baseball bat Sansevieria

Sansevieria hallii
Large bright pink and light pink blooms next to desert rockery

Desert Rose

Adenium obesum


Autumn ushers in a fresh collection of blooms and fruiting plants. As the weather cools transport yourself as you wander through each of the houses to discover new highlights.

Cluster of purple flowers with two white bracts that look like bat wings

White Bat Flower

Tacca integrifolia
Bright red and yellow flowers with long stems that look like a bird diving

False Bird of Paradise

Trumpet-shaped lavender-blue flowers, with pale yellow throats

Blue Trumpet Vine

Thunbergia grandiflora


During winter, the Conservatory is a haven of warmth, providing a delightful escape from the chilly Baltimore weather. Our enchanting Holiday Display presents a mesmerizing array of poinsettias, along with a variety of other blooms.

Lemon like fruit with thick yellow rinds

Etrog Citron

Citrus medica
10 petaled scarlet red bloom with a golden crown of stamen

Red Passion Flower

Passiflora coccinea
White blooms surrounded by glossy green leaves


Gardenia jasminoides

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